We(Shanghai Maji Catering Management Co.Ltd. ) found that wechat, Weibo, and Internet information platforms have infringed upon the right to use the brand of Machimachi without permission.
We promise that Machimachi doesn't have any other brands,in addition, all similar brands have nothing to do with our company.
In addition, we hereby declare that other companies do not have any relationship with us, and we will take legal measures for their suspected violations,Including but not limited to litigation.
At present, only Hangzhou and Shanghai in mainland China are regular brand stores.We will also let other cities like Machimachi's friends to drink authentic Machimachi tea as soon as possible.At present, the stores in all other cities have nothing to do with us, and the taste quality cannot be guaranteed.
It is suggested that you buy our drinks in regular channels, and the drinks purchased on other platforms cannot guarantee food safety.
We have the complete intellectual property rights of Machimachi. We will crack down on any enterprise or individual's infringement of Machimachi's intellectual property rights and pursue legal liabilities.
"Adhere to the use of high-quality ingredients, pay attention to the details of taste, innovative presentation" the team focuses on product research and development, adhere to the independent product research and development mode, and commit to the concept of tea products, formula research and sample manufacturing "I love tea, and I want to make tea that we like and can drink every day. This is Maggie's intention." There is no shortcut to the process of tea test and selection of ingredients, so that the taste and taste achieve a comfortable balance, everything is just perfect.
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